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  1. hattie ann

    This photo depresses me, but that’s Ok, that is what good music and photography can do to a soul…..
    Hattie Ann

  2. That looks cold to the bone. Hate to say it but we are enjoying wonderful spring weather here, perfectly in the 70’s!!!
    Betsy Buchanan

  3. Janie Parrish

    I think the word „Blustery“ fits this photo to a T. Such a cold and dreary mood this photo creates. Glad I’m inside nice and warm, on the inside looking out instead of on in the outside looking in for a change!
    Janie Parrish

  4. Sandra Soleil

    And just imagine adding snow to the picture, oh how perfectly miserable those poor people must be. It’s not a warm and fuzzy picture that’s for sure, but a great shot non the less.
    Sandra Soleil

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