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  1. Tommaso

    Hi, i’m thomas from italy. i am happy cuz you are a great photographer and cuz i love the platform A of ostkreuz station. here there are a lot of nice pics and i would like to thank you! i lived in berlin in 2008 but now i am back. i would like just to ask you if there is, at the moment, the possibility to take pictures in Platform A or is it close? i would like to see it again for the last time :( please answer me, and thank you again.
    Bye Thomas

  2. Dr Saxe

    I always find the most interesting mixtures in your photos that to the naked eye seems to be so ordinary. You make ordinary much more interesting…
    Dr Saxe

  3. I dream of one day being able to travel outside of the U.S.A. With the Internet bringing such wonderful photographs that are being taken all over the world, it helps to see that there is so much more out there to see and experience outside of our „comfort zone“ It’s too bad not more people get to travel and see things such as you have captured here.
    Cheryl Cassidy

  4. charly32050

    The final shot of Berlin-Ostkreuz, isn’t it?

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